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I am a number one fan of @BrownMagicSweets .

I have never been disappointed! #GetYouSomeofThis #GeauxBR #BatonRougeEats 

—Vermonica H. @aperfectpiece


Salute to @BrownMagicSweets,

I appreciate your level of customer service and dedication.

Yet again, my team was satisfied with our Magic Minis! Thank you for everything!

-Kita Taylor @Myss.taylor


The Magic Bites are the BOMB! Everyone at our baby shower LOVED them, thank you again!

-Coach Jackson 


Boyyyyyyy I had y’all cheesecake for the first time yesterday !


-Jasmin M.


Maaannnn that was the best cheesecake WE EVER HAD!

I had to share with my cousin, now it’s all gone. May I place another order please?

-Kayla P.


I recently tried your product from a friend and I would love to order some of my own!!

It’s literally the BEST cheesecake we’ve ever had!


Brown Magic is the best Pecan Candy I’ve ever had!

-Jasmine B. 

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