Each and every Monday we're offering four of our gourmet cheesecake in a cupcake size, made with our signature Brown Magic Praline crust. Monday is the only day 4 Magic Minis along with the topping option will be available! Don't miss out!

Please see TOPPING INFO for additional topping information. 

We will celebrating Magic Mini Monday until Wednesday April 7, 2021. 

Magic Mini Monday

  • Turtle Lovers- 2 Turtle & 2 Reverse Turtle 


    The Magic Pack- 2 Brown Magic Deluxe, 2 Cookies & Cream 


    BMS Top Sellers- Strawberry, Turtle, Caramel, & Oreo


    Co's Favorite- Strawberry Cookie Cake, Reverse Turtle, Strawberry, & Caramel 


    BMS Plain Jane- Plain Magic Minis with no topping.




  • All products contain pecans, sugar, wheat and dairy products. Allergens found in our shop:

    • Nuts and Nut By-Products
    • Eggs and Egg By-Products
    • Milk and Dairy Products